Side Effects

Side effects form an effective system that regulates the usage of negative Macumba effects.

Side effects only occur when using negative Macumba effects, and their potency increases according to the power of the effects being used. What exactly these side effects do cannot be generalized, as it completely depends on the person and effect being used. As a simple rule of thumb, you always get back some of what you dish out.

For example, if a Macumba practitioner uses a powerful negative effect to make another person ill, he will be susceptible to side effects. In this example, it would most likely end up as being something related to the body, such as physical pain.

With increasing Macumba level, a Macumba practitioner becomes more resistant to these side effects, which allows the more experienced Macumba practitioners to utilize negative effect more freely. Under normal circumstances, people not connected to Macumba would not be able to use Macumba effects at all. Because of that, people who are not experienced Macumba practitioners themselves are much more susceptible to any side effects than someone who has learned and practiced Macumba for many years. But even well experienced Macumba practitioners have to be cautious when employing very powerful negative effects.

When purchasing Macumba items on this website, you don't have to be concerned about the possibility of side effects, because you will always be warned about side effects when you wish to purchase a Macumba item that may cause them. Also, side effects never occur when using Macumba items which contain positive or neutral effects.

For people who are afraid of side effects but still wish to make use of Macumba items with negative effects, I am able to offer protection gemstones that are used alongside such Macumba items. Such a gemstone will help by soaking up some of the negative energies coming from the use of such negative effects. This will lower the side effects, but not completely block them.

I am also able to offer advanced protection gemstones that will completely absorb all side effects, but since these are very powerful Macumba items, they are accordingly more expensive. Keep in mind that these protection gemstones will not work for Macumba wealth and beauty effects. Also keep in mind that I generally do not offer powerful negative effects for sale, unless you provide me with a very good reason why they should be used.

Beauty and wealth

Beauty and wealth effects always cause side effects that cannot be avoided or bypassed. This is because Macumba is not meant to be used for such personal gains. And although this is possible with Macumba, one also has to deal with the consequences.

When using Macumba wealth effects, the side effects will cause character changes that make the person taking advantage of this effect much more greedy, more evil-minded and generally much more negative in character. This actually goes mostly unnoticed by the person using the effect, but at some point other people will easily notice the changes.

Beauty effects generally cause the same negative character changes as Macumba wealth effects. Metaphorically speaking, what will become beautiful on the outside will become ugly on the inside. But keep in mind that beauty effects will not miraculously turn a plain looking person into "supermodel material". Beauty effects can only make you as "beautiful" as is naturally possible for your own body and your age.

Since beauty also is not a naturally defined attribute, most of this effect actually comes from causing physical changes that bring you closer to your imagined ideal version of yourself.

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